Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Behind the scene shots

These four shots are from our scene inside the flat room. The first one is of me setting the tripod in perfect position for our shots. The second picture illustrates rahul sitting on the bed which is the shot when he sits up from hearing the car door close. The third shot portrays rahul creating a pile of crack cocaine form tallcum powder. Lastly, the fourth shot depicts rahul placing the old fashioned television on the table in the position shown in our opening sequence.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Here is a print screen of our soundtrack to our thriller opening. I used garageband to create this clip and successfully combined a few instruments to this end product.

This is the place where we shall gather our costumes for our thriller opening. We thought that going a bit further with costume would create much more conviction and make the actors more realistic. We bought the bullet proof jacket, police baton and other excessories.

Angel Fancy Dress Outlet

This is the shop where we bought our props and costumes from. We bought our police handcuffs and police batton from.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Rahul is the main character the antagonist. He will be wearing scruffy clothes. He will be wearing an old ruggy t shirt, and loose jogging bottoms. He has not shaved and has not cut his hair. His hair will be uncombed and messy.

Samir is the police/detective in this film. He will be wearing formal uniform that an everyday police/detective would wear. It will be a white shirt with a black tie, tucked into black trousers. He will have handcuffs and a police batton with him as accessories.

Shot list

Shot 1: Close up of antagonists head, a profile 3/4 of the face.
Shot 2: Close up of fuzzy tv, and then de focus and focus onto a radio
Shot 3: Medium shot of tv with the fuzz over the sholder
Shot 4: Turns up radio volume hears news report about him.
Shot 5: Extreme close up of mouth, smirking.
Shot 6: Same shot as 3 but turns on classical music on radio.
Shot 7: Close up of his face, closes eyes moves back onto bed.
Shot 8: Birds eye shot of him on the bed.
Shot 9: From corner of the room, camera pans right to left, hears car and goes to window.
Shot 10: stands up by the window and looks out.
Shot 11: Pov looking out window, cop comes out the car.
Shot 12: Reaction shot close up, the looks towards the door.
Shot 13: Long shot of cop entering through the door.
Shot 14: Cu of feet coming up stairs.
Shot 15: Long shot of him turning off tv and radio, hears footsteps
Shot 16: High angle cop coming up stairs.
Shot 17: Medium shot from behind tracking cop coming towards door. Antagonist ear at door.
Shot 18: Long shot to medium shot cop coming to the landing walking to door.
Shot 19: Same as 17 with cu of ear to the door.
Shot 20: Cu of cop about to knock half way.
Shot 21: Inside room, same as 19, hear knock on another door.
Shot 22: Long shot, cop going in to another room closing door behind him.
Shot 23: Close up of antagonist reaction, smirk.